Liz Marr was born in the former USSR and immigrated to Israel as part of the infamous Russian Imigration Wave of the 90s. What she knew as life in the Soviet Union was actually a life of frequent traveling between Moscow and Samarkand. All that until the Soviet Union fell apart, Uzbekistan got its independence and she found herself in the periphery of  Israel.
Despite having drawn her entire childhood, her interest in mathematics and being an autodidact programmer led her to the beginning of a career in the Israeli startup scene. A career which she gladly left for studying arts after a few years. Still, her analytical background is an inherent part of her artistic process.
Having received her BFA from Shenkar's Multidisciplinary Arts department, today Liz lives, and draws in her studio, in Tel Aviv while studying towards an MA in Philosophy at Tel Aviv University.
-- BFA, Multidisciplinary arts.  Shenkar Multidisciplinary Art School  2017-2021
-- MA, Philosophy. Tel Aviv University 2021 (ongoing)
Group Exhibitions
2023 - Myriam Revia Prize Exhibition - Shenkar; Curator: Gilad Efrat
2023 - Miscellaneous  2023 - Edmond De Rothschild Center; Curator: Ofra Harnam
2022 - Moving in Space and Time - Tel Aviv, Sderot; Curator: Galit Malis, Karen Stevenson
2021 - Salon - Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv; Curator: Adi Gura
2021 - Seeing Light - Portfolio Magazine,  Old Jaffa; Curators: Hagit Peleg Rotem, Yuval Saar
2021 - BFA exhibition, Shenkar Multidisciplinary Art School; Curators: Hannah Freund-Chertok, Gilad Efrat, Uriel Meron
-- 2023 Myriam Revia Prize for Excellence in Painting
-- 2022 Edmond de Rothschild Center’s Incubator project
-- 2022 Margaret and Sylvan Adams Prize for Emerging Artists
-- 2021 America-Israel Cultural Foundation Award for Outstanding Graduate